The Monkey House

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It's a setup to die for, with a payout to match. There's no way it could possibly go well. The local Family holds periodic "fund raisers" for charity. It's a money laundering scam, and they get several dozen bigshots to come in and donate money, certified cred. Maybe a hundred million worth, minus expenses and split five ways. Money to die for. The thing is, there's no set location for these soirees so they're using a recently-renovated ex-casino, ex-office building, which isn't really built for this sort of thing. They're doing what they can about security but it's an old building and everything has to be carted in and set up for the big night, and then torn back down again.

The building is 14 storeys tall, with a small sub-basement that used to house the casino vault. It needs repairs, but is going to be used for the event, along with the access tubes once used to deposit casino chips. There's a direct elevator to the penthouse, though the elevator car's missing. The renovation is centered on street level where the bigwigs are coming to see and be seen doing good, the first floor that looks like some sort of VIP room, or possibly the main security office (renovation is still in progress so it's not clear yet), and the first basement, which will probably end up being a sort of general organizational area, possibly security headquarters too. It looks like security is tech-light and personnel-heavy, with a strong complement of guards, and at least one security mage. Since only the basement, main floor, and first floor will be used, the rest of the building is sealed off and not really monitored (except by the security mage). The elevator shaft going straight up to 14 will probably be closed off with some monowire and largely ignored, which presents the most attractive entrance thus far.

Next to the target building is an abandoned 12 storey building and a 20-odd storey hotel which is also owned by the Family. The hotel is disheveled on the outside but dressy and nice inside. Several of the renovation crew are staying there; the guards probably will too if they're going to stick around overnight. Behind the target building and the abandoned tower is a block of bilevel shops, with a mall across the street next to the hotel. Next to all of which is a big toxic shithole of a park. An elevated highway runs along the park, abandoned building, and shops. The whole area of town is a bit drab, with sporadic half-hearted gunfire targeting the highway.

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