The Monkey House

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With the creative juices flowing, the planning came together quick and tight. As the days passed and the target firmed up its own security and operational plan, we trimmed up our operational requirements. We weeded out the bad ideas and settled on a clean, flexible outline in three parts.

Part one: magic. The second floor houses what we suspect will be the spiders, and possibly other oversight / operational personnel. This floor is surrounded by a magical ward. The basement and sub-basement are likewise warded, possibly with tougher protection around the vault itself or the floor safe recently installed inside. Since magical support can not help much from outside the barriers, they will have to be breached, warning the mage that something is amiss. Indeed the mage may be astrally present to keep an eye on things. Either way, (s)he has to be taken out. Astral tracking from the wards revealed the probable apartment building where the mage lives. An attack there should minimise his ability to signal for outside help or increased vigilance. Barring that, a poke at the wards should summon him. Once the mage is taken care of, our mage can breach the astral barriers, bringing a spirit or two to neutralize the spiders and other security personnel which may be on the second floor. If time and energy permits, spirits will be sent through the barriers down into the basement to assist our infiltration operative.

Part two: tech. Our technomancer has to breach the electronic security around the gun emplacements covering the elevator shaft. With this done, he will move on to the vault door, which must be electronically released. At this point, he needs to relay through our infiltration operative's comlink to reach the floor safe door and release that as well. Additionally, he should disable calls, messaging, etc. from anyone inside the building to anyone outside the building, or from anyone outside, in.

Part three: infiltration. Our operative must bring tools and equipment across an alley from an adjacent building to the roof of the target building. She must then breach the roof and prepare the descent / ascent kit. With the go-ahead from magic and tech, she will slowly descend the elevator shaft, looking for and cutting any monowire impediments that may have been erected. At the bottom, she must quickly and quietly disable the two guards by the vault, open the vault door, open the inner safe door, and remove the credsticks. She must then return to the elevator shaft, ascend to the roof, make her way back to the adjacent building, down to street level, and out to the getaway vehicle.

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