The Monkey House

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All in all, good execution, just a few mistakes. We got rid of the mage while he was still at his apartment, before he had a chance to warn anyone. Then we got to work on the electronic security, modifying the gun turrets guarding the elevator shaft and checking up on security cameras and the like. One missed piece of monowire in the shaft led to serious injury to our operative, which necessitated a trip back to the informal base of operations in the building next door for some magical healing. She returned and made it to the bottom of the shaft without incident, knocking out the two guards with a gas grenade. Our magician's assault on the personnel on the second floor, believed to be the spider(s), was complicated by an unexpected, and unexpectedly effective, spirit guarding the area. Though the personnel were eventually dispatched, the rest of the guards were alerted to the trouble, and probably given some idea of what to expect.

The electronic assault upon the spider, who was not actually on the second floor, went poorly, resulting in serious injury to our technomancer. Our biggest planning blunder was to have him "safely" offsite rather than within reach of the shaman for healing. With a spirit blocking the door, and toxic gases behind it, we gave our operative time to defeat the vault door and inner safe door (with the help of some rules bending because it's a one-shot), and we all escaped happily ever after.

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