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July 1, 2061

Today I am fairly certain that someone is trying to track me down. Profit or ruin awaits his or her finding me. The proper procedure here varies depending on available resources. If possible, find out who wants to know you and ask a friend to vouch for them before a meeting in person. This requires time, trustable friends, and usually money. It provides the best outcome though, and is worth the outlay. Lacking these resources, make your whereabouts known at some future point and arrange for a stand-in. Monitor the situation, and decide to approach or not.

The individual, who chooses to call him- or herself Gabel, has emailed me, asking to meet at a bar just outside the Downtown tourist traps on Friday at 1700. The email appears genuine, from a nonprivileged user account. Here, it is necessary to familiarize one's self with the area surrounding the meeting point, establishing several alternate exits and access to at least two major roads. From there, proceed to examine the meeting point itself. Determine normal modes of dress and conduct. Note regulars and patterns of occupation or use of the location. Examine security. While tight security does not guarantee safety (the opposing side may have special privileges at the location), it decreases the risk. Conversely, loose security is preferred if you are associated with a trustworthy team which can protect you, or if you can protect yourself. Typically it is a valid assumption to make that you cannot protect yourself; your team may be able to protect you; and you should assume only the high cost of killing you and your backup guarantees fair play. If possible, look for and examine magical security. As a newly-established team, or recent entrant on the scene, you may assume that nobody wants to kill you enough to simply bomb the location - you can't do anything about it in any case so why worry?

The Buffalo Jump, today's meet, is a workingman's bar frequented by sararimen and similar persons. Security is light; no apparent magical security. Prior to the meet, only expected traffic arrives. An ugly Orc barman operates the establishment, and directs me to a back room. His recognizing me on sight supports the decision to approach with minimal security. I am relatively unknown, with few enemies, and this Gabel likely has no incentive for foul play.

The back room is a concrete bunker with good sound damping. It houses a large cheap table, six chairs, and name tags at five of them. The tags read "B", "Ref", "Herbert", "Lady Jane", and "Derek". The sixth place is unlabeled. At a first meeting such as this, learn as much as possible about each person present. Note cyberware, armor, weapons, clothing styles, personal adornment, body alterations, tattoos, and the like. These can all give clues as to the personality you're dealing with, and if problems arise it's best to have already noted distinguishing features.

Our host arrives in an expensive suit and good shoes, and presents a business proposition. He desires a long-term working arrangement. Never accept employment on these terms without knowledge of the principal. In this case, we negotiated with Gabel a one-off run to be sure we all work well together, and can work with him. In a situation such as this, where the primary goal is to establish one's self, excellence is imperative. Spend more money on equipment and intelligence than you need to ensure the run goes off without a hitch. At this point, a reputation for crisp execution is more important than extra income.

July 2, 2061

After accepting an assignment, conduct detailed surveillance and research the target.

The target is in an office building that is part of an office park catering to new businesses. The park is located on a small campus in an artificial valley. Grounds security consists of a guard station at the main road entry point, a perimeter fence lacking cameras or other sensor coverage, and roving security which conducts routine patrols. At first glance, security seems competent. There is, however, no depth to that image. The security personnel are minimally trained and do not follow industry best practices. The building itself was designed fairly well from a security standpoint, but has potential access points on the roof and via the subterranean municipal facilities. Our target is on the fifth floor of a seven-story building; combined with the difficulty of passing unseen from the basement to the upper floors, we decide on a roof approach.

We have a mage on staff, who certifies that there is no magical security in the building. Given the minimal scope of our mission, the entry team will consist of one technical personnel to secure access to the upper floor from the roof and unlock interior doors, and one physical adept to aid the tech and provide security. We have a mage on staff, who will provide invisibility to both personnel. Our rigger is standing by for extraction, and to serve as an information conduit. The entry personnel will maintain radio silence, but will receive regular updates from the rigger.

July 3, 2061

Despite some complications, the run came off quite well.

Our surveillance indicated a weakness in rooftop and building external security, so we decided to make our approach from the roof and enter through the service door leading to a landing and elevator access. The entry team consisted of myself for technical skill, and Bianca as bodyguard and support. Our mage provided on-site coverage, and our rigger's drone network complemented our support staff. Ref stayed in a backup position for this run. Despite this being my first climb, with considerable help from Bianca I was able to scale the building. We diverted the camera covering the door, and entered the top landing. The guards, unaccountably lucky, noticed the camera movement and sent a detachment up to investigate. In the confines of the service landing, the invisibility our mage cast as a precaution came in handy - we were able to stay out of the way and repair evidence of our tampering with the elevator access by the time the guards returned from the roof, evidently having not noticed our grapple line. When they returned to their posts, we entered the elevator shaft and made our way to the target floor. Without knowing which room held the computer, we entered the easy-to-access rooms other than the main research room, but without success. The maglock on the cleanroom door recorded accesses, and I had to overwrite its log after opening the door. If time permits, you should always look for extra functionality in maglocks - many log codes, report to a central authority, or are otherwise more than a simple lock.

Particularly important in runs where stealth is important is cleanup. It does little good to carry off a run completely undetected if the first shift tomorrow morning notices dirty footprints across the floor, or a tool you left behind next to a lock. Unless you are involved in sabotage, the perfect run results in only your Johnson knowing it ever happened, and not even him being able to prove it. In this regard, we believe we were successful: no tools were left, no footprints, no bumped objects or misplaced items. Bianca even managed to dislodge the grapple hook on our way out.

After a run, your team should make themselves scarce. Though there are advantages to spreading out to be harder to find, general consensus is that it's preferable to all go to a single location. That way, your team mates are less likely to betray you, and you're not all alone when the police show up, or your Johnson decides it's cheaper not to pay you. The length of hiding depends of course on the magnitude of the run you've just completed, among other things. For a first run that we believe nobody found out about, we decided overnight was enough.

July 5, 2061

We returned to claim our payment, and after some discussion agreed to Gabel's arrangement. No tricks, very smooth. Not a lot of cash, but we knew that going in. Gabel's got more work for us; will have the details worked out shortly, he claims.

July 9, 2061

Running is a lifestyle, not your whole life. During time off, many runners pursue a surprising variety of hobbies, and otherwise act like any other member of society. Of course, some less social or more driven or paranoid folks try to gear all their activities towards their job, and spend downtime chasing leads, schmoozing contacts, practicing skills and maintaining a good physique. I've been forcing myself into the gym, hoping next time I won't be shown up so badly. Next time is looking nearer as I return home to an email from Gabel wanting to meet us on Monday at a joint called the Big Rhino.

July 11, 2061

Our Johnson this time is a tall Elf carrying around a big fire elemental. She wants something stolen, a scroll from a 15th century Japanese Diet that's housed at a restaurant atop the Matsu Rana sky tower. The time frame is about 10 days, but she wants a yea or nay by tomorrow. We accept earnest money and get to work.

The scroll is valuable but not obscenely so. It was last seen on the public market about 80 years ago, and seems to have been floating around in private collections since then. It was purchased specifically for this restaurant, presumably as a showpiece to establish the restaurant's authenticity. It's being displayed in a large glass case (impervious to small-arms fire) maglocked to a wall. The maglock system is on a separate circuit, and battery backed, so we cannot simply cut building power. More disturbing is that the building, belonging as it does to an AA-level megacorp, just underwent rigger adaptation, and the restaurant is not a separate entity, but is covered by that security. The only floorplan available is 10 years out of date, and probably is inaccurate now. Having conducted remote surveillance, we send two operatives in to have dinner at the restaurant and collect on-site intelligence.

Having established our goal and evaluated obstacles in the way, we discuss various approaches and contact our fixer for various service costs we may need. The operation looks doable with our resources, and we contact the elf to confirm acceptance and recover the rest of our up-front payment.

July 18, 2061

We've spent the past week conducting more surveillance and finalizing an attack plan. We can afford air insertion, but not a large or armored helicopter, so the pilot will leave if fired upon. In any event, we need to have control over the building before the pilot lands, as there is a minigun on the roof. We cannot identify the rigger in charge of security, but do locate the building's mage.

Just after the mage finishes her day shift, Bianca and I go to dinner after a shaman our fixer knows provides a glamer for each of us. Our mage follows the building mage home, and summons a spirit to cause a traffic accident on the way. The mage does not appear seriously hurt, but is unconscious, and is taken to a hospital for treatment. Lady Jane then returns to provide magical overwatch for the run proper. Herbert enters the building for dinner as well and shortly after being seated attacks the security rigger in control of the building, subduing him in rapid fashion. With the cameras and alerts under control, the pilot can land with our merc Ref and a bag of equipment. Bianca and I kit up. She and Ref do crowd control and take out in-restaurant security personnel while I start to work on the maglock holding the case to the wall. Herbert handles building security on other floors, with help from our mage, whose spirit continues to be useful and confuses large numbers of guards on the lower floors. What we later surmise was a spirit bound to the security mage gets free and attacks Ref, who scares it off with several bursts from his guns, just as I get the lock undone. Meanwhile, our rigger is investigating the building, and discovers the building's sole mobile drone is on the 13th floor - he works on kidnapping it as it's a valuable drone, but there is a sudden explosion on that floor which wipes out all sensors and crumples the drone. With the scroll case bagged and security beginning to recover from the initial assault, we all pile into the helicopter and leave. The helicopter is a large (from a radar standpoint) unarmed and unarmored target, so we want to spend as little time as possible in it. The pilot drops us off in a clearing in a park nearby, and we leave in our vehicles.

Like our first run, this one went well despite complications. Both Bianca and Ref were injured in gunplay with guards. I took too long getting the case off the wall, and Herbert probably tripped off some subprogram poking around the 13th floor. Despite this, we were successful, and our employers pleased. The run was messier than necessary (several guards were killed and the restaurant was subject to repeated attacks, once from the minigun on the roof), but could have been worse.

This time, as the op was messier and our target was higher-profile and significantly more powerful than the small startup company we attacked last time, a longer post-run cool-down period was in order. It becomes clear that our accommodations are barely sufficient. While the apartment technically is large enough for us, we lack garage space for several vehicles, and the food is very sub-par, contributing to low morale.

July 20, 2061

Stealth -> 1

July 24, 2061

We got an offer today. A certain individual with an overnight layover in Seattle needs bodyguarding between flights, and we're offered quite a lot of money for the job, with explicit bonuses should the man be attacked. Mr. Smith will be arriving on an Ares flight at SeaTac at 1625 hours and is to be taken to a high-class apartment complex in Renton and taken care of until 1700 hours the following day when he is to be returned to SeaTac and seen safely on his way on a suborbital flight to Hawai'i.

The first concern here is how well we are being payed for this mission. Assuming your employers are not intending to sucker you in with promises of wealth and then split, the opposition you're facing will be considerable. Though we were told it was unlikely Mr. Smith would be attacked, the promised payment suggested otherwise.

The airport is one potential area for attack. Although mostly weapon-free, permits can get firearms past security, and there are always Adepts, poisons, and other concerns. We managed to arrange for a fake gun permit for one of our number and sent our best close-quarters fighters along with the chauffeur to pick up Mr. Smith. The other major concern is that we will be at a known location for 24 solid hours. I went along ahead to check out the building. Security was quite competent, and expecting our arrival. These are both good signs, as they suggest we will have support in an encounter, and the personnel on site will be able to handle complications that might arise.

July 26, 2061

The airport pickup yesterday was uneventful. We proceeded to the designated hotel and room, which is setup with an astral ward prepared specifically for us. The room is solid, with thick bulletproof windows and good locks. Smith requires matrix access which makes us that much easier to track down but can't be helped. We get everyone set and ready for the night.

At about 0330 this morning we were simultaneously attacked from the street (a breaching bomb was fired through the window) and from the hall. We managed to dislodge the bomb and contain the attackers in the vestibule where they were all crowded together. A mage and fire elemental also attacked and quickly brought down the ward protecting us but our own mage and a hastily-summoned spirit proved equal to the task of eliminating our attackers.

The immediate threats disposed of, we contacted building security and arranged to be moved to a different room. Security handled the mess left at the old location, and we were quickly setup in a new apartment almost as well-appointed as the previous one. Note how much simpler this was given the quality of the security forces we were working with. Compare to the difficulty of quickly finding Smith an appropriate room in a nearby hotel with matrix access while evading security forces who don't know us from the attackers.

July 27, 2061

Unarmed Combat -> 1

August 2, 2061

Japanese -> 1

Today we are meeting a new Johnson at Dante's Inferno, fourth circle. We have arranged a standard formation with a small greeting party, on-site backup, and remote magical and rigger support. Though the meeting was in a very public place there is always the possibility that those we are to meet have bribed the guards or owner to gain a tactical advantage.

The mission is to transport a breadbox-sized package to Bellingham, a burg in the Salish Shidhe. The box is described as containing a nonmagical trinket that requires some sort of unavailable permit for the border crossing. The package needs to be delivered in the next 24 hours, but has no environmental requirements to be kept in mind.

We arrange to get a specific border guard who's already bribed, and head north with the package. We drop it off successfully in the Salish at a biker bar called the Biting Asp, and we head off to take care of another little matter.

We're stopped at some low-rent all-night diner, just about to head on back out, when some bikers from the Asp come in pretending to be drunk. We're all pretty nervous about that so we're ready, but not exactly prepared for a fire elemental to pop in on us as the bikers attack. We handle the bikers and the fire elemental more easily than we probably should have - the elemental goes away and the bikers flee. When we pursue them for questioning, they choke and die.

Remember, it's only paranoia if they're not out to get you.

August 3, 2061

Athletics -> 2

Japanese -> 1

Our package explodes. It turns out we were smuggling in some special explosive to ruin a dedication ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Salish's independence. The box supposedly held the final brick to be placed in the monument, but blew up, taking a lot of the area with it. The Tsimshian Wolves, a paramilitary group from the north, claims credit for the bombing. The borders are locked down tight and everyone's on high alert so we have to hide. Gabel provides us with the location of an abandoned hotel outside town that we can stay at until he can get someone buy to lead us out. Eventually we return safely to Seattle.

August 5, 2061

We spent yesterday recuperating from our long trip, and catching up on sleep. We catch up with Gabel who says that local terrorist groups in the Salish have been known to use kink bombs, probably explaining the bikers. We return to the hideout for a while.

When you're sure they're out to get you, and they're the entire Salish nation, you stay in hiding for more than just one day. In fact, we should probably move tomorrow or the next day though depending on the news we may or may not be in the clear by then. The Salish are known for cleaning up these sorts of messes quickly.

August 6, 2061

Bert and I spent some time trolling the for-rent boards and looking at some promising places.

August 7, 2061

Strength -> 3

The Salish mission Johnson has run out on us, and Gabel's suspicious. He counsels us to leave town, and mentions that he's got some work up in Quebec that we could do. Bert and I put down a down payment on the place we're looking at so they'll hold it for us until we get back to finalize things. We get our lives in such order as we can to leave. We'll be traveling light, as planes won't carry our arsenal or much else illegal. Ref's going to need permits to hop on the plane...

August 9, 2061

Yesterday we headed off to Quebec, past surprisingly efficient paper-pushers, to be met by a gaggle of Japanese schoolgirls and Mark and Aaron, our actual contacts. They take us to Lupus, Gabel's friend. The three of them are working on some sort of campaign to make Quebec less militantly French. Mark and Aaron are diligently working on a pamphleting campaign or something. I certainly hope I don't get involved in that - my penmanship's not that great.

Over lunch, Lupus reassures us that we will, in fact, not be leafleting. He's got a contact with some para-animal rights group who's going to meet us and discuss a plan. There's some kind of special owl being held at a para-animal research facility nearby that this group would like freed. It seems an odd assignment, but their cred's as good as anyone else's so we take the deal. The owl's drugged to suppress whatever magic it's got, and the man Claude provides us with an antidote that we're to administer to the bird shortly before releasing it into an honest-to-god forest.

The plan is to take a tour of the CatCo-owned research facility, as there's a semi-public demonstration area that we can get passes to wander through to case the joint. We suspect, as CatCo's pretty big, that there will be good security though hopefully they will be bored into complacency.

August 11, 2061

The visitor passes lead us into a zoo-style setup festooned with cameras and a few maglocked-off areas. The bird house has a number of potentially quite dangerous beasts, but Claude claims that only the Oracle Owl Killiwee is important. We locate the bird's cage, but he's not in it - hopefully he'll be back later.

You plan this one. Tomorrow's entry will reveal our solution.

August 12, 2061

We checked out the delivery schedule for the animal facility, and arrived in a CatCo-branded truck an hour before the real delivery guys should show up. Claimed we were lucky to be finishing up our run this early and looking forward to a longer weekend - the gate guard cheerfully let us through. He casually mentions that he'll call ahead to let 'em know we're here. That is unfortunate, as it means when we don't show up where we're supposed to be, people will be looking for us and wondering what is happening.

We make our way to the avian building and pull up in the back. We get out, and Ref and I carry our box of "bird food" into the exhibit and past an Elven couple. As soon as we're out of range of the cameras, I retrieve my tools and begin working on the maglock, which comes clear neatly, though it is hooked up to some sort of central security system. I'm pretty sure that I properly fooled that system too. We quickly duck into the cinder block passage behind the exhibit, and close the door. We forget our invisibility plan and send Ref in to retrieve the owl, who remains tranquil while Ref places him in the cage we brought. He leaves, and replaces the owl with a spirit LJ conjured up - if nobody's been looking, that should satisfy anyone.

Someone has been peeking. The radio squawks with people curious why a delivery guy is in the cages, and a patrol is dispatched. At the car, Bert deflects suspicion somewhat, and we make our way around the building so as not to be seen by the guard who's come to investigate. We return to the van and can't get the guard remaining there to let us leave peacefully; we take his narcoject pistol, knock him out with it, and stick him in the van. We head off back to the main gate, quickly rigging the guard's radio to broadcast static as loud as it can. At the gate, the guard claims to need to confirm our exit permissions, but since he can't use the radio he jogs back off down the road to talk to someone (what?!?).

I hop out as soon as he's out of sight and trip the gate lever. The gate begins to open. As I'm jogging back to the van, a fire elemental intercepts me, and shortly thereafter the guard returns, with reinforcements, one of them apparently a mage herself. We take out the elemental and keep the guards down while we head off. They call in the local cops, but we're able to avoid pursuit, and safely end up at the forest where Kiliwee is to be released. Along the way, we get rid of the incriminating radio, and leave the guard with his effects in the middle of nowhere. We release the bird and head back to civilization, calling Lupus on the way for a good place to ditch the van (hopefully a chop shop where we'll get something for it).

What went wrong here? Were could we have anticipated problems and fixed them ahead of time?

August 16, 2061

We have new employment already. There is a manufacturing plant belonging to one Milton Hedgers Company that our employers would like redecorated. There are some cleanrooms in a research/development area of the plant, which is housed in the shell of a huge old lumber mill. We're to try to make it look like a hit by the FOA, a local gang.

As the target is effectively isolated in the middle of nowhere, and enclosed in a large building, onsite surveillance is unlikely to turn up much of interest so we contract with a decker to get what information he can. We need to know where the cleanrooms are and how many there are. We're also interested in the parking structure, as it may provide getaway vehicles or a simple opportunity for theft.

August 17, 2061

The decker gets back to us, and a plan coalesces. Since our mission is, in its most basic terms, wanton destruction, we have no need to be stealthy in our approach. At very best, stealth would gain us perhaps 30 seconds' lead time, and is not worth the effort or cost.

The outer wall of the main building, though of indeterminate composition, is probably fairly weak. Further, the cleanrooms are located near a corner of the building, and near an outer wall. We propose to breach the wall with a car bomb, as this should be the most cost-effective way to accomplish our task. The FOA are not a heavily funded organization, so cheap and effective would be their style. We'll rig a car so the airbag system functions as a simple contact fuze, and a trunk full of fertilizer-based explosive, comparable in power to a few kilos of high explosive, will be the main charge.

The plan is to take two vehicles. The first, the bomb, will be minimally manned; the second will function as our main transport and getaway vehicle. A third car will be stashed partway home. Once inside, we will use the thermite to destroy the manufacturing equipment, and minimal charges to breach the walls of the cleanrooms. We also order various grenades and more ammunition as the guards, although few in number, are well armored.

We hear from Gabel that he's ready for us to come home and an old Denver pal of mine, Cairo, will be heading up in his Tbird to get us. We'll need to work out the details later.

August 19, 2061

The big day. We pick up the last of our equipment, commandeer the vehicles we will need, assemble and depart.

The gate guards posed no problems, and we lined up the vehicle, hoping we'd successfully disabled the safety routines on its autonav system. Everything went like clockwork, and the vehicle blasted a huge hole in the wall - bigger than we expected.

The entrance is like clockwork. Bianca comes in, gets her invisibility spell, and takes up position outside the research building. Jane begins tagging. Ref takes up position for local fire support, and Bert and I head in to take out the cleanrooms. Ref takes out cameras on our way in, and I open the main doors.

Bert and I have an easy time of it, setting the thermite and the breaching charges on the walls. Less than a minute later, on our way out, it's clear the others haven't had such a rosy time. The guards began to pour in but were fairly ineffective. However, there was some magical security (I knew we should have paid more attention to the note about new security in Slammo's report), including an earth elemental which was quite problematic, but between them Ref and LJ managed to send it packing.

The exit is a bit more hectic, as the guards are beginning to mount effective resistance, and seem to have sussed out where Bianca was hiding but we all make it back to the van. On the way out, there's a cop car at the front gate. Jesus. We've been here maybe 2 minutes and a cop's already here - our bad luck I guess. Bert sideswipes the car, hoping to bend an axle or something, and we roar off.

Partway back to town we transfer to our third vehicle, leaving the rest of the thermite, our ski masks, and other such evidence in the old car. A phosphorus grenade sets everything nicely ablaze, and by the time the police show up there should just be a hole in the ground and maybe an engine block.

All in all, one of our more successful enterprises. Something to be emulated.

August 27, 2061

Unarmed Combat ->2

Stealth ->2

Japanese ->2

August 28, 2061

Back in Seattle. Bert was quite impressed with the Tbird. Cairo, that sly bastard, let him man the guns to scare off the Quebecois Air Corps as we neared the border. We all had a nice trip back; time to rest up, catch up on various personal things, and let someone else do the worrying for once.

Naturally, that all ended when we got to our various homes. My telecom had been wiped (and the data on it no doubt stolen), though the place was superficially clean. The door scanner didn't even register anyone but me having come in. There wasn't any contact information or anything on it and of course it was all encrypted (not that that will be much of a problem to someone who has the data and all the time in the world to crack it), but I had stored quite a bit of video that I would hate anyone else to have access to.

Ref called to report that his place had also been tampered with, and he noticed an odd whine coming from his telecom. I went by his place to check it out, and someone had very expertly put a little camera right in the middle of the screen; it was probably the focusing mechanism he heard. He and I leave and join Bert, whose van has some major issues as well. Ultimately, it took both of us several hours to clean things out. We had to restore virtually every system in the car from clean backups without letting the yet-to-be-fixed subsystems infect the new software. Fun. Bianca apparently had a pair of thugs looking for her, though her place didn't seem tossed.

LJ had it worst. No subtlety at all. The house was a mess; not even the front was closed. Her mom was gone, and the bedroom trashed. There were claw marks (!!) on the bed, and blood in the kitchen and bathroom, despite evidence that cleaning had taken place. In the refrigerator, there was a small black terrier missing a tongue and eyes, and with a human-looking bite taken out of its side.

We all joined up to sort things out, and were joined by what I'm told was a manifested spirit. It was an Asian man with sash, who cryptically apologized for we know not what, warned us that things are changing and to look to the north, and then disappeared.

The Buffalo jump was bombed too. The screamsheets are reporting it as a tragic gas leak but there's a crater and whatnot - it's obviously not a random accident. It's unclear what exactly happened, but the bartender's dead and he was the only one we knew anything about.

August 30, 2061

Events have clearly come to a head and it is time to be following up on some old leads we neglected at the time. The white-haired man, Kit Hoffstaeder, who stiffed us for a run some weeks back, went from our meeting to a warehouse in the Barrens. Asking around, we found some people who lied to us and tried to ambush us, but took care of that with no trouble. One of the punk kids mentions that someone in a back room knows what went on that night so we go investigate. Sure enough, someone does know. Some well-dressed runner named Bruce came by looking for four or five warm bodies to take away to "a better life". The man gave them some punk kids he was happy to see disappear, and took his grand in payment.

Later that day, as we were surveying the damage at the Buffalo Jump, an elf gentleman came up to the car for a chat. Though very bizarre, he was informative, and told us that Dank, the bartender, had a wife. He even provided an address. We went to interview the woman, who apparently had recently converted to some odd anti-cyberware, anti-metahuman religion, though naturally her husband didn't count in the whole no-metahumans deal. In any event, she said that she and her husband were followers of the light, and that Gabel was a true son who fled south to escape the followers of Set. There seems to be some connection in her mind between elves and the Set folks. She claimed that during some sort of ritual self-mutilation, Gabel appeared to her to say that he had seen inside the light, whose core was darkness, and that she should profess the new true word or some such. She's wearing what we later identify as a Seekers of the Void pin (the folks with the red cybereyes).

LJ says she was possessed by some sort of black blob. Apparently she had been that way for some time, as she was actually dead, and started to fall apart when LJ banished the blob. In her room was a lot of magical paraphernalia, which we took samples of for analysis. I am so glad to be gone from there.

September 1, 2061

We met up with Bruce today, nabbed the data from his telecom, and interviewed him. Among other tidbits, Kit may be in touch with him again, and if so he'll call us.

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