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1 December through 10 December, my mom and I traveled to Belize to spend a week diving and otherwise outdoorsing on Long Caye, part of Glover's Reef. Underwater photos of the marine life (sharks, rays, lobster, parrotfish, angelfish, etc.) proved to be prohibitively expensive, but there was plenty of interest above the sea.

Completely by chance we ended up there at the same time as two other folks from Madison, Dave Deadman and his wife. Dave and his brother run the tasty Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, er, shop, in downtown Madison, among other locales. Odd meeting other Madisonians almost 3000km away.

Belize boasts the world's second-longest barrier reef (second by a large margin to Australia's Great Barrier Reef), and the diving is definitely recommended. I enjoyed the surf kayaking as well, but can't compare it to anywhere else as it's a new sport for me.

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