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March through July of 2006 saw the addition of an Endless Pool at the house. Solar power heats the pool and provides energy for in-floor radiant heating, meaning the gas boiler rarely kicks on, even during winter in Wisconsin.

Gallery contains about 100 photos generally showing the progress of construction from stakes in the ground to a completed building. In addition to the photos posted on the web, I took over 2700 shots (~5GB) to be assembled into time-lapse videos of various aspects of construction: one day of pouring and leveling concrete for the main floor (7MB), an entire week of installing floor, wall, and bathroom tile (53MB), and a day's worth of pool liner and pool cover installation (21MB). I don't have any amusing statistics like "1700 yards of concrete used" or "10000 board feet of pine consumed" or "the addition weighs 23 tons". Sorry.

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