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On February 15, 2015, development of m0n0wall ceased. I am leaving this page up, but do not recommend using it. Faster hardware and newer software are appropriate for a modern firewall.
M0n0wall now requires >8MB of disk space. Many Neoware boxes have only an 8MB flash disk. Be sure your disk is large enough before proceeding. The original content here dates to 2008.
Some reports indicate that 3.x builds do not work. The error that is reported is
The device that contains the configuration file (config.xml) could not be found. m0n0wall cannot continue booting.
I do not yet know of a solution. This tutorial should be construed to apply only to the 2.x builds in the meantime. Please email me if you get 3.x working on an EON.

Here's how to install the latest build of the excellent m0n0wall firewall on a Neoware EON 4000 thin client. These machines make excellent firewalls for home users and small businesses because they are cheap, compact, sturdy, and powerful enough to run a several megabit connection. The hardware is available in a variety of configurations, with CPUs roughly equivalent to a 150-200Mhz Pentium. Before embarking on this little journey, you should be aware of a few caveats:

With those potential issues in mind, follow along!

There are three main steps to be completed to get m0n0wall running on your EON. First, you will need to get single-user access to the NeoLinux installation. Next, you need to enable networking and fetch and install m0n0wall. Third, you need to configure it to fit your requirements. I will address the first two of these, as adequate resources exist to help with the latter.

To begin, you will need:

Step ONE: Get single-user access to the NeoLinux distribution.

Step TWO: Fetch and install m0n0wall.

That's it! At this point you can remove the DOC and replace it with another one and repeat the reprogramming step, as many times as needed.

When you next boot the machine, it should load m0n0wall exactly as it would on any other x86-compatible system. Jump right in with the m0n0wall quick-start guide for PC platforms. Chapter 3: Initial Configuration is probably where you will want to start. Good luck!

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