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Friends, family, and vague acquaintances - if you know my name, you're included - can help support my silly print shop hobby by making use of the equipment I have. Every extra use helps justify my having bought it in the first place. Let me know if any of the following capabilities strikes your fancy.


I have a high-quality flatbed scanner, an Epson Perfection V850, that can scan photos, slide and roll film, and similar media whether transparent or opaque.

I also have a wide-format scanner, in an HP T2300 Postscript eMFP, that can scan blueprints, posters, board game boards, and similar opaque media.


I have an HP Designjet Z3200 photo / fine art printer, that can print on matte or glossy paper; backlit and adhesive films; canvas, flag, and other sewing fabrics.

I have an HP Designjet T2300 Postscript eMFP graphics printer, that can print matte or glossy paper and various other media types.

I have a variety of thermal label printers. I have no idea why anyone would want me to print labels with them, but here you go!

Print Finishing

I have a General Binding Corporation Docuseal 2500 25" hot roll laminator with clear film.


This is all a hobby. I'm happy to use my toys for your projects, but it may take a long time for me to get around to it. I basically just charge for materials. I try to be moderately competent with this equipment, but if something goes wrong the scanner and laminator can ruin things. If that happens I promise to feel bad about it when I give your mangled stuff back.

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